Are estimates free?
Yes, initial estimates can usually be done over the phone. This helps us pre-qualify potential customers from people who are just looking for a price. It also helps us use our time and resources more efficiently, which, in turn, allows us to keep our prices affordable.

Concrete work
All concrete work is an additional charge. The price range starts at $50 and is dependent on the scope of work. This can only be determined with an on-site inspection.

The bilco doors come factory-primed. We pre-paint all doors before they are installed. We use a Sherwin Williams® Industrial/Marine Coating (alkyd paint). After installation, the doors are touched up on site.

Removal of old doors
All bilco doors are removed from premises and properly disposed of. There is an additional $50 fee for the disposal of wooden doors.

Caulking and sealing
We use a polyurethane caulk to seal all our bilco doors. This helps ensure a watertight seal.

Why does my door leak?
There are several reasons a basement door will leak. The most common of them are:
1. Pin holes in caulking or lack of adhesion due to wet or dirty foundation during installation.
2. Old or improper caulking used.
3. Warped doors due to damage or abuse.
4. Door frame not square, which will leave excessive openings at top or bottom of door panels.
5. Condensation due to homemade basement door at the bottom of the hatchway entrance or no door at all. For a proper hatchway system, there needs to be an insulated/weather-stripped door at the bottom of the stairs.
6. The foundation is below grade and water pools/ponds around the frame. The foundation should be at least 2 inches above grade.
7. Debris (leaves, mulch, shrubs) and/or anything that holds water should be kept away from the doors; these will cause premature rust and pinholes. Shrubs and trees should be at least 2 to 3 feet away from the bulkhead. This allows air flow so the area can dry out after precipitation.
8. Leaky gutters over the basement door will also cause leakage. Inspect and clean semi-annually.